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Here at Dacula family sports, our dance program offers classes in tap, ballet, jazz, and hip hop for a variety of ages designed to promote body and mind awareness with the students dance education. We are committed to providing high quality, positive instruction in all facets of dance, movement, technique, and choreography.


Tap (3 yrs older)

Baby Ballet (2-3 yrs. old)


Baby ballet is a magical introduction to the wonderful world of dance! The basic ballet steps that will be taught are designed to build creativity, positive attitudes, and a love for music. Your toddler will have tons of fun! Moms may accompany their child for a limited time and will be invited in throughout the year.

Ballet (4 yrs. & older)


Ballet is for everyone! It is the basis of all dancing styles and used for many sports. Our program is designed to teach the basic elements of movement in dance through instruction on barre, center, proper breathing, coordination, strength, grace, and musicality.

Tap (3 yrs. & older)


Tap dancing is one of the most entertaining and joyous dance styles. It is a musical art form and a fun-filled way to develop rhythm, coordination, endurance, and balance. Basic steps will be taught and combined, and as the dancer progresses, so will the difficulty of the class. Have fun and get a great workout!

Jazz (6 yrs. & older)


Jazz danced is what’s happening! Traditional techniques will be taught while staying up to date with the latest jazz styles and music. If you love energetic movement, jazz dance is the way to express your personality!

Hip Hop (6 yrs. & older)


Hip Hop is a very popular, fun, and free-style dance class. Students will learn the latest dance moves and combine them with today’s popular music. It is a fun and upbeat sport for both dancer and audience to enjoy.

Dance Recital


The Dacula Family Sports Dance Program includes an annual Recital to showcase your child’s talent.
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Dance Company

Dance Company

The DFS dance Company is designed for dancers who wants to become more involved in dance and take their dancing to the next level. Dancers are required to take a minimum of three hours of dance per week and will have the opportunity to learn a variety of different dance genres including jazz, ballet, lyrical and contemporary. Dancers will participate in a minimum of 3 dance competitions per season. Dance competitions are events where dance studios in an area (usually a state) come together to compete against each other with pre-choreographed dance routines.


Winners receive awards, prizes, and chances to compete at higher-level competitions. Additionally, dancers will have the opportunity to perform their dance pieces at DFS recitals and other local events.